Tails Doll Stories

What if the Tails Doll is in my presence?

Alright, the Tails Doll is chasing you everywhere. The only thing you have on is your computer, and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle at the options screen. Follow these simple instructions to figure out what to do to keep your precious life safe from the only thing that overpowers God and the Devil combined: the Tails Doll.


 Way 1 Doll vs Doll

Get a Sonic, Tails, Knux, or Shadow plushie.Sleep with it if possible. when TD comes, show the plushie to it, and it may flee.

Way 2 Music

Get SA2B on, go to options screen, and then go to Sonic's theme. This strangely should work.

 Way 3 Join safely

Surrender immediately. When you see him, smile with either a devily look or an exited attitude. Then say "I shall join you, if you spare my family and friends.

Way 4 Hatred and Selfishness way

When he comes, say "Spare me, and I will let you take a family member.. Please spare me..

Way 5 Pray

Pray to the dear Heavens!! This usually never works.


Run! But this has a 3.4% chance of succeeding.

Way 7   Top Secret- Operation 7- Change the Mood

If the gem is red, this is unpredictable. try telling it stuff to entertain it. If the gem is green, blue, anything unevil, try to safely make friends with it. Have a new family member! Tails Doll is rarely a softie on the inside. After all, he is filled with stuffing! (Watch "How to Tame your Tails Doll" series in "Videos".)