Tails Doll Stories


Here are the stories-

Story 1

          I went to GameStop to get the newest, most fun Sonic game ever rated. Sonic R!!! Strangely, no one had bought the game. It was all over the television, but no adds were on the windows of the shop. even more suprizingly, not one person was in the "New Releases" aisle. So, I got the first one and as I touched it, a strong, strange chill went coursing through my body. So, I payed, then went home to play Sonic R, but my brother was on the gamecube, playing Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. So, I went to the Wii, put my game disk in, heard a evil laughter, then the game went on normally. After a few days, I was close to finishing the game. I unlocked the Tails Doll, which I thought was pretty cool. So, I played tag mode. The last person I had to tag was Super Sonic. After I tagged him, I went off the game then got my book and MP3 to entertain myself. I read an old Sonic comic, while listening to "Can you feel the Sunshine?" all kinds of different ways. When I went backwards with the song, my MP3 died immediatly after. I felt a light, gentle touch with what seemed like a plush doll of some sort. I turned around to see nothing else but the Tails Doll. I jumped back with fear, rolled backwards over my bed unexpectedly, and knocked my head on my desk. I fainted for a long time, as that is what it seemed. I woke up in a dark, lonely place. I looked around, nothing was there. I double-looked, and the second time, I saw the Tails Doll. I crawled backwards, and it slowly followed me. I noticed something different about the Tails Doll. The gem wasn't red. It was a light shade of blue. I crawled torwards him, and his blue light flashed brighter and brighter the closer I came to him. When I was only a few inches away from him, his light was a tye-dye of green, white, and blue. He pounced on me and said "You aren't scared of me, are you? You.. You.. don't have to be afraid..."  Then, I hesitated for awhile. The longer I didn't reply, the bluer his gem became. After awhile, I replied, "No. I am not scared of you.. Not one little bit.. Actually, you're kinda cute!" His gem immediatly turned green with joy, then he joyfully said, " YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Since you're not scared of me, can  I stay with you? I.. I won't hurt any of you're family members.." I replied back "Sure.. You can stay with me.."    After that, he teleported me back home, and we lived a long, happy life. After that, --------------------

I found this story in my clubhouse, in my backyard. It was on a piece of notebook paper, dated 10/29/10. I asked my family members and my neighbours if they wrote this. They all said no. So, I don't know the rest of the story, because only half of the paper was in the clubhouse. the ------------------ is where the story ended. Also, it was written in red, thick ink. The font was a pattern of capital, lowercase, capital, lowercase etc.   Weird, huh? I dunno if the top is true, but this is.  Also, on the back of the paper, was the words "Where is your god NOW?       -Shluuuuuuumpy {The TD was here..}"    THAT freaked me out..

Story 2

OK, guys, I don't have much time. "It" is after me. "It" refers to the.. you know.. I just don't DARE say or type "its" name. It is after me.. This is an S.O.S note.. I am in its world, which is similar to hell.. Lava flowing everywhere you look, volcanoes gushing lava in an unstoppable way.. ugh.. I'll continue this note later, but for now, I gotta skedaddle.... He's right round the corner.. If I survive I'll continue writing.. But for now, toodles!

Tails Doll typing

The tratior left his laptop here.. Fool.. Forget this message was even here.. Or your next..             Can you feel the sunshine?

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Back.. Its sometime in March or April or something.

I am in my HDDSTDHC (Horrifying, Dark, Dangerous, Scary Tails Doll Hell Cabin). A room for a complete maniac!! I mean, who would like scorpions in your springy mattress, spikey walls,  and nothing to do except play Sonic R on a PC?  I have to capture five souls every day.. or no computer. Ahhh I'm sooooo scared (for idiots, I was being sarcastic!). BUUUUTTTT a reeeeeeaaalllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy kewl thing about the room is that when you turn into a minion of the TD, you aren't scared of anything (Which means i can type "Tails Doll" now that I'm not scared!), it is just like boring ol' Earth (except a lot hotter, no eco-friendly stuff, everyone is an animal doll, but there are still buildings and homes and b-days and stuff like that!), I am a wolf doll, we all are kitsunes (i have four tails. The Tails Doll has seven, but we'll talk about that later. I'm using too many parenthasies!), I control my own pack since I'm a wolf, and WAY more! Ok, I admit, maybe it is awesome living here, if you dont mind scorpions, dark places, spikes, and buggy computers. I also drink BLOOD and LAVA!  Ok, 'bout the tails, a kitsune is a creature thats power varies depending on how many tails it has. Minions get more and more tails by completing many many MANY quests. The Tails Doll gets tails by getting the "Purest Soul(s)" (which can be said anytime, no grammar rules.).  Most Tails Doll fans and few minions think there are only seven Purest Souls, which is definately untrue. There are numerous Purest Souls, which are very rare. If you encounter the Tails Doll and you are a Purest Soul, he will take you back to TDH (Tails Doll Hell) and then take your soul with the help of his minions, and then get a new tail. Although if you're a minion, a Purest Soul can kill you easily. I'm gonna hit the hay, I just got my fourth tail. Cya later! OH WAIT!!! If you ever see a note that has P.S written on it, espessially in red ink, burn it, throw it away, give it to a hobo, throw it in a volcano, eat it, murder it, tear it apart, give it to someone you hate with all your heart, GET RID OF IT!!!! It doesn't stand for anything but Purest Soul. It means YOU have a high chance of being a Purest Soul. Ok, so... NOW cya.

                     ----------- -Wolf Doll (WD, my old name was Winda Dawsun)