Tails Doll Stories

                                   Here is the Tails Doll Color Code-

Red- Mad, frustrated, mood of killing

Orange- Doesn't want to tell the mood it's in

Yellow-Suprized, scared

Green- Happy

Blue- Sad, lonely

Purple- confused, puzzled

Lavender- bored, carelessly does things, usually a mixture of most colors.

Pink- In love

White- Wants someone's attention, totally focused on something.

Black- Tired, sleepy, asleep, or has an illness

Camouflauged- Sneaky, trickster, in the bad way. Green would be a trickster in the good way.

Brown- Entertained, do not disturb if gem is this color.

Tye-Dye of any color(s)- Excited

                                                                                 These are the ones I know of. Any other colors I probably wouldn't know of.